Common Walking Leaf Frog Sketch & Drawing

Post by Madeleine Dube, September 30th 2023

I was looking for some inspiration for a drawing - I hadn't drawn for some time - and I fell upon this amazing black and white picture of a Burmeister's Frog (Phyllomedusa burmeisteri) in a book from 1967 titled Larousse Encyclopedia of Animal Life. I was mesmerized by the shape of the frog and its contrast with the trunk on which it was standing, and how the shadows were creating a strong dramatic impact.

Black ink drawing of a Burmeister's Frog, also kwown as common walking leaf frog - Phyllomedusa burmeisteri

Mexican Burrowing Toad Sketch & Drawing

Post by Madeleine Dube

This is an original drawing of Rhinophrynus dorsalis!

Colored drawing of a Mexican burrowing toad