American Harpy Eagle - Sketch & Drawing

Post by Madeleine Dube

Ink drawing of an American Harpy Eagle
This is the mighty Harpia harpyja, the heaviest bird of prey alive

I haven’t posted anything in almost a year… I was too busy mulling over my art projects and how I wanted to pursue them!

In any case, I find myself often over-indulging in details when drawing. I never know when to stop. There’s also the fact that delving deep in details in a drawing is like meditation to me!

I took a picture of the initial drawing, without so many details. I actually like it better, the bird looks nicer and it would be a nice design for a greeting card!

Initial ink drawing sketch of an American Harpy Eagle
The soft lines make the bird looks a bit nicer!

I chose to draw this bird because it is such a ferocious predator. No wonder it is named after the harpy of Greek mythology, female monsters shaped like birds and humans. But this harpy is much more beautiful, a still and quiet canopy perching eagle, nesting in the tropical rainforests of South America, who plunges and twists through the branches when spotting its prey and catching it in its talons.